A London based Tourism Management Consultancy set up with the aim of providing consultancy services to tour operators and travel agencies in UK. Drawing from the founder's education, experience and interest in the sector, Around The World Tourism Ltd is poised to lead the market in providing such services, in a short time within launch. Starting out in a small way, the organization plans to work with companies and provide them with valuable strategic advice on their growth/expansion plans, acquiring customers and identifying and entering new market segments.


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Tourism management consultancy offering diverse range of services

A brief and concise business plan outlines the industry, plans for Around The World Tourism Ltd to launch and discusses future plans. Around The World Tourism Ltd was established in December of 2013, in London, UK as a Private Limited Company. Mr. Saravanan Balasubramanian, the founder/Chief Consultant of the organization is building Around The World Tourism Ltd on the foundation of the education and experience he has gained working in various capacities, with travel agencies. After an initial stint in a travel agency in the capacity of an Assistant Tourism Consultant, Mr. Saravanan furthered his interest in the travel and tourism industry, by pursuing a Master's Degree in International Tourism from the UK.

Around The World Tourism Ltd is a tourism management consultancy offering diverse range of services to travel agents and tour operators at different stages of growth. Though there are a number of tourism management consultants based in UK, Around The World Tourism Ltd offers is customized, one-on-one service, catered specifically towards new and/or growing travel agencies. The organization will strive to stand out from the other players in the market by offering exceptional customer service and unmatched value for its customers. While all attempts will be made to gain new customers.

Using regular research and innovative marketing/promotion strategies Around The World Tourism will provide its clients with adept guidance to launch, sustain and expand offerings, while gaining a greater share of the market. Clients also benefit from Mr.Saravanan's extensive network and contacts in the industry.

Around The World Tourism Ltd aims to train and build small teams that specialize in offering tourism management advice to clients operating in specific regions around the world. By training different teams to provide niche services specializing in specific regions, Around The World will be able to continue to provide highly customized services to each of its clients and function like a boutique agency, even as it expands its client base and grows into a bigger organization. Around The World Tourism also plans to research the niche of Sustainable Tourism to specialize and offer services, in the future. With an increasing population now aware and interested in this mode of tourism, the organization is fully aware of the opportunity and plans to invest in training a team to lead this effort.


Exceptional customer service and unmatched value for its customers


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